Suji’s Korean Cuisine Rolls Out Heat-and-Eat Korean Meals

To appeal to consumers’ sophisticated cravings for authentic, fresh Asian foods, Suji’s Korean Cuisine is rolling out a collection of refrigerated heat-and-eat meals made using high-pressure processing and air-tight skin packs to achieve a 30-day unopened shelf life. Suji’s Korean Cuisine captures the nuances of traditional Korean cooking while serving up dishes that have broad appeal to the western palate.

The high-quality meat is sliced thin, to absorb a rich marinade made of Asian pear, rice wine vinegar, garlic and soy sauce, all in keeping with age-old Korean recipes. The single-serve meal line includes: Chicken Over Rice, Kimchi Rice With Uncured Bacon, Spicy Chicken and Potatoes, and Udon Noodles With Chicken.

“These exciting new Korean dishes reflect the cuisine’s rich complexity and mild spiciness that today’s consumers are seeking. They’re a perfect fit for American food trends, but they are based on the age-old cooking traditions of my native Korea,” says Suji Park, chief inspirational officer. “Our entire line is clean-label and gluten-free, both of which we know are very important to today’s consumers. The products are made from all-natural ingredients, using non-GMO soy sauces and are free of MSG.”

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