Vegy Vida Introduces Kid-Designed Veggie Dips

Vegy Vida LLC, manufacturer of a line of refrigerated Greek yogurt-based squeezable dips designed for young palates. The products are formulated with cucumber extract, which works to soften the bitter flavors of vegetables, according to co-founder and food scientist Josh Young, who says that children have three times more taste buds than adults. This results in an over sensitivity to bitter taste, often making them picky eaters.

Vegy Vida Kids’ Dip ’n More comes in Creamy Ranch, Cheesy Cheddar, Savory Bacon, Zesty Southwest and Cool Buffalo varieties. As the name implies, it is more than a dip, as it can be used as an ingredient in vegetable-focused recipes ranging from pasta salad to baked sides. A 2-tbsp serving contains 50 calories, 2g of fat and 8g of protein from the Greek yogurt and whey protein concentrate. An 8-oz. plastic bottle contains about eight servings. All of the recipes are sugar free and made with no preservatives or bioengineered ingredients. The company currently is working on a dairy-free formulation, as well as new flavor varieties. The suggested retail price is $3.59.

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