Volkmann VS Series Offers Explosion-Free Vacuum Conveying

The best method to protect against explosions in food processing is to avoid the explosion in the first place. Volkmann VS Series Vacuum Conveyors, featuring all-pneumatic system design, are ATEX certified against the 13 potential sources of ignition for transfer of powdered products having an MIE (Minimum Ignition Energy) greater than 1 mJ(millijoules). The certification covers all elements of the conveying system including any flexible hose. Attention to grounding and the use of static conductive hoses ensures the static discharge cannot occur, thereby avoiding all explosion potential.

Volkmann designs and manufactures these pneumatic vacuum transfers systems to provide contained transfer of small food particles, powders, seasonings and other small ingredients used in food manufacturing – from product unloading through final packaging.  Volkmann systems ensure secure, reliable and environmentally safe powder handling and transfer throughout the production process, making the work of production staff simpler and safer while offering a cost-effective material transfer method for powders and small particles.

Volkmann conveyors are typically used in applications with conveying capacities from 100 kg/hr (220 lbs/hr) up to 4 tons/hr, where the conveying distances are in the range of 50ft horizontally and 33ft vertically. However, greater distances and weights are possible and Volkmann systems have achieved as much as 12 tons/hr capacity and worked with conveying distances up to 250ft horizontally and 110 vertical feet.

Volkmann Pneumatic Conveyors Atex
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Conveying equipment