Yodelay Yogurt Rolls Out "Made In Wisconsin" Artisan Swiss-Style Yogurts

Start-up Yodelay Yogurt introduces a line of “made in Wisconsin” artisan Swiss-style yogurts. Although Swiss-style yogurt does not have a legal definition, Markus Candinas, the company’s founder, describes it as a lighter, creamier yogurt with a slightly tart flavor from the authentic Swiss cultures. Yodelay Yogurt comes in seven reduced-fat flavors: blueberry, peach-raspberry, pineapple, raspberry, rhubarb, strawberry and tart cherry.

Candinas is a Swiss-American who was raised in Wisconsin and then went to Switzerland to become an apprentice confiseur (confectioner). Upon returning, he put his skills to work creating gourmet chocolates and within a few short years Candinas Chocolatier was recognized as one of the world’s best. Recently he applied those skills to develop a Swiss-style yogurt that mimics what is found in Switzerland. He made it a point to create a clean-label product with milk sourced from a local Wisconsin family-owned Brown Swiss dairy farm.

“We’ve been doing in-store tastings and it’s so great to see that people like it,” says Candinas. “It’s not your usual yogurt, but the response has been amazingly great. I just can’t help but feel like we’re on to something here.”

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