Avocado Mash Added to Good Foods Product Line

High-pressure processing (HPP), being rebranded as cold pressure, is the driver of innovation for Good Foods LLC. The company relies on this heat-free technology to extend the shelf life of perishable food while also preserving its flavor and nutrition. The company most recently introduced Avocado Mash, a blend of ripened avocados and seasonings with no artificial ingredients or added sugar. The mash is sold in four-packs of single-serve containers and was developed in response to the trending avocado toast menu item.

Additionally, the brand is rolling out plant-based salad dressings in varieties such as apple thyme, Asian ginger and beet balsamic. The clean-label salad dressing people have a homemade feel, as they are made with fresh fruit and vegetables without any preservatives.

“According to Mintel, about 83% of the U.S. is adding plant-based foods to their diets to improve health and nutrition,” says Mandy Bottomlee, director of marketing. “By offering a wider range of options for shoppers, we hope to provide an easier solution for people looking to improve their health by adding more plant-based items to their diets.”

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