Pennsylvania Beekeeper Launches National Line of Bumbleberry Honey Cream Spreads

Americans consume more than 450 million pounds of honey annually, according to the National Honey Board, some of this coming from the plethora of small honey bee farms popping up across the country, in urban, suburbia and rural settings. Karen Mosholder, founder of Bumbleberry Farms, is a Pennsylvania beekeeper who started selling her heritage honey locally in 2011 and built it into a national brand.

Her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to create Bumbleberry Honey Cream Spreads in four varieties, which are produced with the help of local mothers who work in all areas of production, from labeling to bottling to packaging. The spreads combine honey with whole milk, butter, pure vanilla, cane sugar, sea salt and other characterizing ingredients, most sourced from local natural and organic providers.

Made with local maple syrup, Squirrel Crazy is the most versatile spread, while Lover’s Leap Sea Salt Caramel is the most decadent. Sticky Bun Cinnamon uses unique Vietnamese organic cinnamon, and Molten Lava Spiced Chocolate contains a smooth mixture of Fair Trade dark cocoa, a gentle touch of espresso and organic cayenne. All varieties come in 8-oz. glass jars.

Bumbleberry Honey Cream Spreads
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