Chevoo Offers Marinated Goat Cheese to the U.S.

California-based Chevoo was founded in 2015 by two Australians who grew up with olive oil-marinated goat cheese as a household staple. After settling in the U.S., they missed this familiar product that they would spread on a slice of bread, crumble over a salad or melt on top of meats and grilled vegetables. The couple was inspired to introduce Americans to marinated goat cheese and decided to do so with their own flavorful twist. Chevoo was born.

The name Chevoo is the combination of chèvre (ch) and extra virgin olive oil (evoo). It is made from small cubes of pasteurized goat cheese that is marinated in flavored oil. The line comes in five varieties: Aleppo-Urfa Pepper and Lemon, California Dill Pollen and Garlic, Italian Black Truffle, Smoked Sea Salt and Rosemary, and Tupelo Honey and Lime. The core ingredients — goat curd and olive oil — are sourced primarily from farm lands of local northern California, and the spices, herbs, chilies and pollens are sourced from premium spice merchants across the country.

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