Crunchmaster Cracks the Code on Guilt-Free Brownies

The Crunchmaster brand of gluten-free crackers and crisps from TH Foods Inc. is growing with the rollout of Protein Brownie Thins and Vegetable Cheese Crisps. The sweet treats are guilt-free crunchy thins that combine the taste of baked brownies with 8g of plant-based protein per serving. They come in sharing bags in three varieties: Homestyle Milk Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Cherry Brownie and Dark Chocolate Brownie.

The crisps are made with seven vegetables -- spinach, kale, carrot, red pepper, pumpkin, beet and onion--with cheese baked in. The three featured cheeses are Asiago, Parmesan Romano and White Cheddar. The company is also introducing new flavors to a number of its popular product lines. Multi-Seed Crackers welcomes Chile Pasilla; Tuscan Peasant Crackers grows with Fire Roasted Tomato Basil; and Protein Snack Crackers adds Toasted Coconut. The company plans to offer Crunchmaster Pumpkin Harvest Crackers as a seasonal product in the fall.

“Consumers are looking for great taste that’s better-for-you,” says Kim Holman, marketing director. “Savory, sweet and spicy flavors are what consumers are seeking, especially when it comes to crackers.”

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