Farmwise Launches Vegetable-infused Breaded Chicken

Farmwise LLC, Boston, makers of Veggie Fries, Veggie Tots and Veggie Rings, has created a new better-for-you chicken category with the launch of Chicken Veggie Nuggets and Tenders. They are made from 100 percent white meat chicken, humanely raised cage-free and without antibiotics or hormones. The meat is blended with finely chopped farm-grown and non-GMO broccoli, carrots, white beans and potatoes. One serving of the frozen gluten-free breaded chicken provides 10g of protein and is a good source of vitamins A, C and K. The nuggets use an original breading recipe, while the tenders are covered with ancient grain breading.

“As parents of three daughters, chicken nuggets have been a staple product in our freezer, but we always made sure they were served with veggies, too,” says Cristina Peters, co-founder of the company with her husband Dave. He adds, “Time, taste and health are the three things that every busy family needs more of. Our new chicken solves all of these challenges by providing the same taste and texture of traditional breaded chicken with important veggie nutrition.”

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