Garden of Life Rolls Out Goal-Oriented Protein Bars

Today’s health-conscious consumers are setting goals — whether it’s a fitness goal, a lifestyle goal or a goal to attain or maintain their optimal wellness — and they are looking for convenient, great-tasting, truly clean protein on the go. In response, Garden of Life is rolling out GōL (pronounced goal) bars.

Each of the four new bars are made from 10 or fewer simple, clean, traceable, certified organic ingredients, including grass-fed milk, wild blueberries, nuts and pink Himalayan salt. Each GōL bar contains 12g of organic whole milk protein, which is more slowly absorbed than whey, thereby satisfying hunger longer and providing a pleasant, soft texture. Milk protein also ensures more sustained delivery of amino acids for muscle repair and other important body needs.

The varieties and their other key ingredients are: Blueberry, with nine blueberries, 10 cashews, two almonds and two dates; Chocolate Coconut, with chocolate, coconut, 10 cashews, two almonds and two dates; Chocolate Sea Salt, with chocolate, a little sea salt, 10 cashews and two dates; and Maple Sea Salt, with maple, a little sea salt, 10 cashews, two pecans and two dates.

Garden of Life Gol Bars 4 Pack
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