Jennie-O Puts a New Twist on Turkey

With consumer demand growing for diverse and global flavors, Hormel Foods’ Jennie-O brand is getting creative with its turkey bacon, which the company says satisfies that crispy bacon craving with 60 percent less fat than pork bacon. The two new flavored options are blueberry and jalapeno, both of which contain real identifiable pieces of berries and peppers, respectively. There’s also new seasoned turkey sausage in chorizo, Italian and taco flavors and turkey burgers in bacon and cheddar. In the deli meat case, Jennie-O's new products include premium pre-sliced turkey breast in several bold flavors, including Cajun, smoky chipotle and sriracha. All are 98 percent fat-free and sold in vacuum-sealed packages with zipper closures for ease of use.

Jenny O Blueberry Turkey
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