Just Born Makes Peeps a Year-Round Treat

Just Born Quality Confections continues to get creative with its Peeps brand of marshmallow treats. Original Peeps are shaped like chicks and sold around the Easter holiday. To make Peeps a year-round treat, they now come in varieties such as sour watermelon (green chicks with a blush pink center) and birthday cake (vanilla cake-flavored white chicks sprinkled with rainbow confetti).

For the winter holidays are Peeps Giant Marshmallow Gingerbread Men. Reminiscent of the cookie in both flavor and shape, the gingerbread comes in a one-count stocking stuffer-sized package as well as in a three-count share size. The company is also bringing back candy cane chicks. These peppermint marshmallows are described as the ultimate hot cocoa topper. And, there will be an array of new products for Easter 2019, including Peep chicks in cotton candy, orange sherbet and pancakes with syrup flavors.

All Peeps are gluten-free, with most being fat-free, too. The new orange sherbet variety is an exception, as these orange-flavored chicks are dipped in a white fudge coating to better simulate a scoop of frozen sherbet treat.

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