Land O’Frost Brings Lunch Meat to the Chip Aisle

A small handful of entrepreneurial companies have started making chips out of chicken, but now a major animal protein company has joined the fray. Land O'Frost, a 77-year-old maker of packaged, sliced lunch meats, segues into the snacking aisle with Gone Rogue High Protein Chips, which "combine the crunchiness of a potato chip with the protein-rich benefits of jerky." There are 17 or more grams of protein per single-serve bag.

There are four flavors, all using chicken as the base: chicken bacon, chicken teriyaki, Buffalo-style chicken and BBQ-flavored chicken. "We've taken all-natural, quality cuts of chicken and seasoned them with bold spices to create a whole new kind of chip," the creators say. They're just starting to roll out at supermarket and convenience stores nationwide and at Amazon.

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