Wholly Product Stirs Up Excitement with Ripe and Ready-to-Eat Avocado

Gone are the days of needing to wait or guess on the ripeness of an avocado. MegaMex Foods, makers of the Wholly Guacamole brand of refrigerated guacamole, is launching Wholly Simply Avocado. This dips and spreads line provides consumers with no-mess, always ripe and great-tasting avocado year-round.

Each variety is made with only simple ingredients, such as herbs, sea salt and lime juice, combined with hand-scooped Hass avocados. They’re ideal for use on avocado toast, as a delicious pairing for easy appetizers or finger foods and as a topping on salad. Two varieties are part of the initial rollout: Garlic Herb and Sea Salt. Jalapeño Lime, Just Avocado and Roasted Red Pepper will come out later in the year.

Like all Wholly products, the new line is gluten-free and kosher-certified with no added preservatives. For extra convenience, Simply Avocado products are packaged in premium peel-back trays with lids, allowing for easy storage and usage in multiple snacking occasions. Suggested retail price is $3.68-4.19.