Simply Delicious Morsels Make for Simple, Clean Baking

New Simply Delicious by Nestle Toll House products are made with high-quality ingredients selected for an exceptional taste -- keeping with the spirit of Ruth Wakefield, who ran the successful Toll House Inn more than 75 years ago and is credited for inventing the chocolate chip cookie.

Simply Delicious Morsels are made with only three ingredients: cocoa butter, cane sugar and real chocolate. The organic morsels are free from the eight major food allergens, as well as void of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. Shoppers should be able to easily identify the product in the baking aisle, as the package sports a teal ribbon, a color widely used to signify allergen-free treats. The morsels come in semi-sweet and 67 percent dark chocolate varieties, with a 9-oz. package having a suggested retail price of $4.99.

The morsels join Simply Delicious Cookie Dough, which entered the market in the last quarter of 2017. This bake-at-home refrigerated cookie dough is all about simple, wholesome ingredients such as real butter, cage-free eggs and real chocolate. The 20-piece packs come in chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip and sugar varieties.

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