Starkist Introduces Ready-to-Eat Chicken Pouches

Leading U.S. tuna brand StarKist is now in the chicken business with the launch of Chicken Creations, a line of fully cooked and seasoned white chicken chunks sold in shelf-stable pouches. This marks the brand’s first foray outside of the seafood space.

The ready-to-eat chicken comes in 2.6-oz pouches and contains 70-90 calories and 9-10g of protein, depending on variety, of which there are four: Buffalo Style, Ginger Soy, Zesty Lemon Pepper and Chicken Salad. The all-white meat comes from U.S.-raised, cage-free and hormone-free chickens. A pouch sells for about $1.75.

“After 100 years in the tuna business, we proudly announce that StarKist is now a diversified healthy food company,” says Andy Mecs, vice president of marketing and innovation. “It is our goal to provide convenient, healthy options that satisfy the palates and nutritional needs for all Americans. Chicken Creations is a natural extension to our highly successful Tuna Creations and Salmon Creations, as we already have the pouch expertise and consumer trust in our high-quality flavored protein products. We are pleased that consumers will now have even more to love as they can ‘tear, eat and go.’”

Starkist Chicken Creations
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