Tree Top Offers Sweet and Tart Apple Cider

It’s apple cider time. But if you can’t decide if you want a sweet or a tart apple cider this time of the year, Tree Top, the all-things-apple people, has the solution. New 100% Pure Pressed Sweet & Tart Cider adds the tart and tangy (and green) Granny Smith apple to sweeter, conventional apples. The cider is made exclusively of apples grown in the Pacific Northwest by the grower-owners of Tree Top. It’s not made from concentrate and is It has just one ingredient, apple juice, with nothing added (no added sugar is emphasized) and nothing artificial.

The result is a unique blend of sweet, tart and tangy. It will be available year-round as part of the Tree Top 100% Pure Pressed beverage line … which, despite the name, is traditionally pasteurized. The line includes Honeycrisp Apple Juice and 3 Apple Blend. All come in 64-oz. PET plastic bottles.

Interestingly, Tree Top claims one of its founding goals (from 1960) was to create markets for “ugly” fruit that, while perfectly edible, may not have been attractive enough to sell as produce.

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