Angie’s Boomchickapop Now Available as Microwavable Popcorn

Conagra Brands Inc. is rolling out Angie’s Boomchickapop Microwavable Popcorn, taking the brand beyond the ready-to-eat snack aisle. Made with simple, non-GMO ingredients, including sustainably sourced palm oil, butter and sea salt, the new product comes in three of the brand’s most popular ready-to-eat flavors: Real Butter, Sea Salt and Lightly Sweet Kettle Corn. The last is sweetened with real cane sugar and monk fruit extract. All three popcorn varieties contain 35 calories per cup when popped.

The colorful packaging reflects the brand’s live-out-loud attitude, making it stand out in the microwave popcorn aisle. The actual popcorn comes in a “fresh pop bowl” designed for easy popping and less cleanup. Simply pop it in the microwave as instructed and open it to snack on when it’s ready, as the bowl stands up after popping. The suggested retail price is $3.99 for a four-count carton.

For those who prefer the convenience of ready-to-eat popcorn, the brand offers traditional flavors along with more adventurous options such as chile lime popcorn and cinnamon roll drizzled kettle corn, as well as seasonal kettle corns in flavors like hot cocoa marshmallow and sugar cookie.

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