All-Natural Dipping Chocolate Offers Sweet Convenience

Concord Foods LLC, a provider of produce companion products, is rolling out a chocolate dip snack pack under the Simply Concord brand. This new offering was created in response to a significant increase in shopper demand for clean-label and on-the-go snack products, as well as a way for the produce department to capitalize on that heightened interest.

Concord has experienced exponential growth of its dipping chocolate, with a 400 percent sales increase since last year. Demand continues to grow for this product as it is popular year-round and an important part of bolstering produce department purchases, especially for berries. The new snack packs are designed to further drive companion sales by tapping into the trending interest for portable snacking options. Shoppers appreciate that the brand’s fruit dips are made with a short list of recognizable ingredients, contain no high-fructose corn syrup and are non-GMO.

“We are constantly looking to be on the leading edge of innovation,” says Samantha McCaul, marketing manager. “Shopper interest in healthier snack options continues to grow and we’re thrilled to introduce this new chocolate dip snack pack as an ideal companion to fruit for school, work and convenient snacking.”

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