Dairy Protein Isolate Shakes Get a Makeover with BiPro Bold

Agropur Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Agropur Cooperative, has given BiPro, the lean, clean protein brand first introduced in 2004, a new name and a new look. The Original BiPro is now BiPro Elite.

With the makeover comes a new product concept: BiPro Bold, a milkshake mix that provides 23g of protein per serving. The proprietary cold-filtered protein system is 70 percent whey protein isolate and 30 percent milk protein isolate, a blend optimized to deliver both quick- and slow-digesting proteins. Coconut oil powder is a source of medium-chain triglycerides, which are recognized for breaking down fat in the body, while added chicory root fiber functions as a prebiotic for digestive health. BiPro Bold comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors, as well as unflavored.

“Consumers are paying attention to what their body needs and BiPro is there to provide convenient fuel options for individuals and families,” says Corrie Drellack, director of marketing. “Not only can BiPro Bold be enjoyed as a traditional shake or smoothie, but we encourage customers to get creative by incorporating protein into morning coffee, snacks and everyday foods.”

BiPro Protein Shake Mix
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