Drinking Plant-Powered Digestive Health Foods with Choopoons' Simply Free Drinks

Gut-friendly foods are one of the year’s hottest trends, up there with plant-based products. The innovators at Choopoons decided to create a line of products that delivers on both. New Simply Free drinks, yogurts and dressings are made from simple ingredients and come loaded with probiotic cultures.

The dressings are based on chia seed oil, which delivers 1,000mg of omega-3 fatty acids per 2-tbsp serving, along with 20 calories and 1.5g fat. They come in 12-oz. plastic squeeze bottles in four bold flavors: Moroccan Spiced Lemon, Spicy Feta Dill, Spicy Harissa and Zesty Garlic and Lime.

The drinks--Banana Cinnamon, Cold Brew, Strawberry and Mango—come in 12-oz. plastic bottles. The 8-oz. yogurts come in Banana Cinnamon, Mango, Pineapple and Raspberry varieties. Both are also made with chia seed oil and include cucumber seeds for protein. They get their sweetness from cacao fruit pulp rather than refined sugars. The drinks and yogurts contain around 200 calories, 4.5g fat, 10g protein and 15g fiber per serving, along with no added sugars. They have a glycemic index of less than 30. The company is also rolling out Shocolat, a probiotic chocolate nut spread.

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