Fresh Express Launches Premium Salad Bowls

Fresh Express is launching chef-crafted Gourmet Kits Salad Bowls. The six recipes were inspired by entrée salads from some of the best restaurants across the country, according to the company. Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad includes crispy garlic pita chips, shredded parmesan, slivered almonds, carrots and grape tomatoes on a bed of mature kale and romaine lettuce.

The Pearl Mozzarella Caprese includes diced prosciutto, while the Chef Salad contains premium versions of typical chef salad ingredients, such as capicola meat. The Chimichurri Grilled Chicken was created with adventurous diners in mind, as it combines the flavors of red cabbage, queso fresco cheese, crinkle cut radishes, chimichurri grilled chicken breast meat and corn kernels. This is served on baby arugula and baby spinach that’s finished with chimichurri vinaigrette dressing.

The meat in the Buffalo Chicken variety is served on a spring mix blend, garnished with red pepper crisps, crumbled blue cheese, sea salt multigrain crackers and a drizzle of bacon buffalo ranch dressing. The Parmesan Cheese Crisp is an artisanal blend of baked parmesan cheese, farro and red pepper crisps with Genoa salami and crinkled radishes atop a spring mix blend with white wine lemon vinaigrette.

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