Bring Home The Brinner With Jimmy Dean’s Morning Combos

The results are in. Breakfast foods help provide happiness all-day long, according to a survey from Jimmy Dean, a brand of Tyson Foods. Survey results reveal 80% of adults eat breakfast foods as a snack or for breakfast-for-dinner, also known as “brinner,” with more than 50% engaging in those behaviors once a month or more.

Findings show nearly three-quarters of Americans state they feel happier or more energized on days when they snack on breakfast foods or enjoy them for dinner. Younger generations are also more likely to enjoy breakfast foods throughout the day, with 87% reporting they find breakfast as a late-night meal appetizing compared to 68% of Boomers.

In response, the brand now offers Morning Combos, a refrigerated snack pack that comes in two varieties: mini maple pancakes paired with maple sausage bites and blueberry muffin paired with savory sausage bites. They are ready to eat or can be warmed for 30 seconds in the microwave. There’s also new frozen Biscuit Roll-Ups, which combine real eggs, quality meats and cheese all wrapped in a soft flaky biscuit for a savory hand-held breakfast that is ready in less than two minutes in the microwave.

Jimmy Dean Morning Combos
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