Kellogg Co. Diversifies Breakfast Offerings With Off the Grid

Kellogg Co. is growing its range of breakfast foods with something for everyone’s morning preferences. Off the Grid is a new line of high-protein frozen waffles, with one serving providing 12g of complete protein, which means that the waffles contain all nine essential amino acids in the amounts that the body needs to function at its best.

To achieve this, the company combines soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, whole wheat flour, egg whites, hemp seeds and cage-free whole eggs. Varieties are: cinnamon brown sugar, vanilla buttermilk and wild blueberry.

For those who prefer a bowl of cereal for breakfast, the company is adding vanilla almond to its Raisin Bran Crunch line. It’s the only cereal in the Raisin Bran lineup to include nuts. And for dashboard diners, Pop-Tarts now come in two tasty twists on a popular dessert: Frosted Chocolate Cupcake and Frosted Confetti Cupcake. The new flavors make this popular breakfast toaster pastry an anytime snack, warmed or right out of the package.

Off the Grid Waffles
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