New Brand Spudkins Makes Snackable Potato Fries

Spudkins is a new brand of potato snacks from Calbee North America, with Fry Cuts being the first product in a line that features breakthrough form and texture. Cut directly from real russet potatoes and cooked to crispy perfection, Spudkins contains no artificial colors or flavors and are naturally gluten free.

Crispy on the outside and airy on the inside, the salty snack comes in honey barbeque, yellow cheddar and sour cream with onion flavors. A 1-oz serving contains 150 calories and 10g fat. The product is based on a technology the company has perfected in Japan and is now bringing to the U.S. Calbee is known for producing snacks out of non-typical ingredients such as shrimp and green peas. The latter is featured in the company’s popular Harvest Snaps.

“There has never been a perfectly seasoned potato product that crunches like a chip, is cut like a fry and contains 25% less oil than traditional potato snacks,” says Paul Laubscher, director of marketing. “Literally no one in the world can make this snack but Calbee. In Japan, quality of snacks is the preference over volume.”

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