Strong Roots Products Take Root in the Freezer

Say hello to a new face coming to the frozen food aisle. Strong Roots, an innovative and award-winning line of premium root vegetables, veggie burgers and bites from the namesake company founded in 2015 in Dublin, Ireland, is entering the U.S. with eight of its top-selling products. All are verified vegan and non-GMO. Offerings include three types of burgers: beetroot bean, kale quinoa and pumpkin spinach. Snackable items are beetroot wedges, broccoli and purple carrot bites, cauliflower hash browns, mixed root vegetable fries and spinach bites.

Strong Roots addresses fast-rising demand for healthy foods that are plant-based, flavorful and easy to prepare at a time when consumers are trading up to better-quality ingredients, convenience and tastier options to help them live a flexitarian and increasingly vegan lifestyle.

“Young consumers are savvier and more curious about food than ever before but have had few appealing options in the freezer,” says Samuel Dennigan, founder. “We inspire today’s healthy eaters to be spontaneous and creative by offering flavorful foods they can mix and match with minimal prep. We like to think of Strong Roots as their ‘plant-based friend.’”

Strong Roots Beetroot Wedges
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