Tasti-Lee Tomatoes Available in Grab-and-Go Packaging

One of America’s branded field-grown tomatoes is now available in grab-and-go packaging and a new snackable size that offers consumers convenience, value and premium flavor. Tasti-Lee tomatoes by Flavorful Brands LLC begin with superior seeds. Verified non-GMO and filled with 50 percent more lycopene than other tomatoes, Tasti-Lee tomatoes are bursting with garden-fresh flavor that stands up to all-day slicing and snacking, according to the company. The proprietary seeds produce a consistent, home-grown flavor with a desirable deep red color and extended shelf life.

The company is now packing its slicing and salad tomatoes in convenient 1.25-lb. branded bags, enabling shoppers to find them easier at shelf. The new bags are available for both conventional and organic varieties. For portability and snacking occasions, tomatoes are now also available in a grape-size version, appropriately named Tasti-Wee’s. With a balance of sweet and tangy flavor and freshly picked firmness, Tasti-Wee’s can also be used to add color and health-boosting antioxidants to salads, pizzas, snack plates or everyday dishes.

Tasti Lee Tomatoes
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