A Full Scale Water Recovery and Reuse Project at Frito-Lay

In 2012, the Clean Water America Alliance awarded a US Water Prize to PepsiCo Frito-Lay for its Casa Grande, Arizona, facility, earning it the designation as the first full-scale “water and recovery reuse plant” in the US. The 650,000-gallon-per-day process water recovery treatment system recycles up to 75% of the facility’s process water, enabling Frito-Lay to reduce its annual water use by up to 100 million gallons.

This webinar discussed the design, construction and operational lessons learned during and after the start-up of this project. The Frito-Lay, Casa Grande, Ariz. facility has been operating for more than two years.

GE Water & Process Technologies and Frito-Lay will present this webinar, detailing how this state-of-the-art process water reuse system integrates screening, sedimentation, MBR, activated carbon, ultraviolet, low pressure reverse osmosis, water stabilization and chlorine disinfection to produce drinking water quality water to be reused in food production.

Watch the webcast to learn how Frito-Lay converts its process water into drinking water quality for direct reuse

Watch the Webcast