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Ascending From Online Inspection to Documentation for Due Diligence

'Proving' You've Done the Right Things

Originally broadcast on June 22, 2023. Now available On Demand.


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We’ve done a few webinars on inspection systems – metal detectors, X-ray and vision systems – always with the laudable goal of safeguarding the product. But how about safeguarding your brand and your company? In the event of a product recall, legal investigation or audit from food safety authorities, manufacturers must have the necessary documentation to prove they have been diligent in mitigating risks of contamination and/or mislabeling in the production process. So tune in to this June 22 webinar to learn the concept of due diligence as it relates to product inspection processes.


Robert Rogers | Senior Advisor Food Safety and Regulation  | METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Division, Tampa, Florida

During Robert's 27 years of experience of various commercial and technical roles within METTLER TOLEDO, he has facilitated customer's development of food safety programs around METTLER TOLEDO technology. In this strategic role, Robert provides clients with expertise in the fields of current regulation and compliance within the food industry as they relate to product inspection solutions. Robert has provided consultative services to clients which have delivered value in their systems' suitability and efficiency. His consultation has covered areas such as process capabilities, validation and verification, and maximizing efficiencies through proper system identification and placement – all within the scope of customer's limitations and resources.

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