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See, Understand, Solve: Process Optimization for Food Manufacturers

A Food Processing-hosted webinar

Originally Broadcast on June 7, 2023. Now Available On-Demand.

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What are process inefficiencies costing food manufacturers? A recent survey conducted by Food Processing (and sponsored by Augury) revealed that such operational wastefulness:

  • Negatively impacts productivity 
  • Hurts the bottom line 
  • Causes production disruptions 

And that’s not all. Process inefficiencies can also harm product quality, brand reputation, and even a company’s ability to meet regulatory compliance. How can food manufacturers tackle these process-related challenges to create new production opportunities? 

In this roundtable, we’ll explore the survey results and dive deeper into what they all mean, why it matters, and what can be done.


Eduardo Ballina | Operational Excellence Consultant | Operational Excellence Consulting (OpEx)

Ed Ballina was formerly the VP of Manufacturing and Warehousing at PepsiCo, with 36 years of experience in manufacturing and reliability across 3 CPG Fortune 50 companies in the beverage and paper industries. He previously led a team focused on improving equipment RE/TE performance and reducing maintenance costs while improving field capability. Recently, Ed started his own supply chain consulting practice focusing on operational excellence.

Alvaro Cuba Simons | Strategic Business Consultant & Advisor Operations & Supply Chain 

Alvaro Cuba Simons is a global executive with more than 35 years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in operations and supply chain in companies like Mondelez International, Kraft Foods Group, and Bunge Group. Alvaro also has tenure in commercial and general management for the consumer products goods, textile, automotive, electronics and internet industries.

In addition to work across diverse industries and functions, Alvaro’s professional career has taken him to more than 70 countries and exposed him to multiple cultures along the way. This has enabled him to always bring to the table a global business view along with a vast network of professional colleagues. Alvaro is now serving as a strategic business consultant and advisor in operations and supply chain, helping advance start ups in the AI and advanced manufacturing space. Alvaro is also mentoring multiple senior supply chain executives.

Social-environmental causes are very important to Alvaro, and he spends considerable time collaborating with international and local non-profit organizations in several geographies.

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