Call for Nominations: 2011 R&D Teams of the Year

Jan. 20, 2011
Food Processing is now accepting nominations for its third annual R&D Teams of the Year.

Kettle Foods has done it. So have General Mills, Peas of Mind, Reser's Fine Foods Inc., Annie Chun's Inc. and Hormel Foods. What's It you ask?

All of the companies listed above were R&D Teams of the Year. Says who? You do--you, the readers of Food Processing magazine and visitors to Now we're looking for three more names to add to that list.

All of the companies listed above were awarded an R&D Team of the Year designation by and Food Processing magazine. Would you like to add  your favorite R&D team to the list? (Go ahead, nominate yourself!)

Between now and the end of February, nominate a food or beverage processor’s R&D team in all of three sizes of firms: small (less than $100 million in sales), medium ($100-$500 million) and large (more than $500 million in sales). Suggest any team or company you think is best. We also ask you to briefly explain why. Don’t be modest: It’s OK to nominate your own team. The first week of March, we’ll look at the nominations, talk to the R&D teams involved and develop a list of finalists.

On or about March 8, we’ll ask you to come back to this very page and vote among the finalists in all three categories.

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