Decas Botanical Synergies

April 25, 2007
Decas Botanical's cranberry powder certified to contain guaranteed PAC level

Decas Botanical Synergies (DBS), a subsidiary of Decas Cranberry Products, Inc., announced its PACran whole cranberry powder has been tested and certified by Brunswick Laboratories to contain guaranteed levels of cranberry proanthocyanidins (PACs).

Brunswick Laboratories, a commercial laboratory specializing in the science of antioxidants certified PACran after it met certain quality standards and proanthocyanidin (PAC) antioxidant tests.

Cranberries are widely known for their unique “anti-adhesion” activity that protects the body from harmful bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. This anti-adhesion activity is primarily due to a natural antioxidant compound in the fruit called PACs.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Database for the Proanthocyanidin Content of Selected Foods, Cranberry PACs contain a unique A-type structure, while most other plants contain only the more common B-type PACs. It is cranberry’s A-type PACs that are responsible for the anti-adhesion mechanism of action. PACran supplies no less than 1.5% of cranberry PACs measured via the published and USDA-recognized HPLC analytical method and is now certified by the leading antioxidant testing lab.

"PACran is a next-generation cranberry powder which is clinically supported at a 500 mg daily dose and now independently certified to contain the amount of the active compound responsible for supporting urinary tract health,” said Doug Klaiber, DBS COO. “While cranberries have long been associated with urinary tract health, there has been significant uncertainty in whether a person is obtaining the necessary amount of cranberry active compounds to maintain their health. PACran changes this scenario and is quickly becoming the basis by which all cranberry products are being compared.”