Lipid Nutrition North America

July 1, 2005
Pine Nut-Based Product Promotes Satiety

Lipid Nutrition recently introduced an appetite suppressant product originating from the Korean pine-nut. PinnoThin suppresses appetite by stimulating the release of the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) and glucagon like peptide (GLP1) resulting in the feeling of satiety.

Independent research has been conducted on the use of PinnoThin. A group of 18 women tested in a randomized cross-over and double-blind study. Capsules were used containing 3 grams of PinnoThin and a placebo containing 3 grams of olive oil. Satiety score and blood parameters linked to satiety like CCK and GLP1 were monitored in the research. The data shows that the amount of the CCK hormone significantly increased. The desire to eat and the prospective food intake scores were less after 30 minutes after using PinnoThin.