Women in Food Manufacturing

Food Processing honors the many women who have made strides in the food and beverage industry.

Women in the Workforce

The Most Influential Women in the Food and Beverage Industry
The food and beverage industry may be more hospitable than others to women executives – who are not shy about getting their way once they reach the top.

Nooyi, Rosenfeld, Morrison on Fortune Magazine's 'Most Powerful Women' List
Fortune Magazine's 50 most powerful women in business includes some familiar food and beverage faces.

Beth Ford Named President/CEO of Land O'Lakes
Ford replaces Chris Policinski, who retired August 1, 2018.

Three Ways Women Leaders can Renew their Mental Energy
For women, the challenges that come with a leadership role don't just stop with reaching goals and KPIs. Here, a certified organizational psychologist offers three ways women can ensure they don't burn out.

Kellogg Co. Named a Top Company for Women
The National Association for Female Executives awarded the food processor as one of the Top 50 Companies for Executive Women.

MarketView: The Female Point of View
As long as most shoppers remain female, it's essential to get more women in marketing and leadership positions.

Influential Women in Manufacturing

Influential Women in Manufacturing E-Book
Food Processing and its parent company, Putman Media, are proud and honored to present our inaugural class of Influential Women in Manufacturing in this e-book.

Food Processing, Putman Media Announce Inaugural Class of Influential Women in Manufacturing
Two of the honorees will be highlighted for their outstanding work and inspiring leadership in the field of food and beverage manufacturing.

Influential Women in Manufacturing Webinar: Strategies to Retain and Advance Women in Industry
As manufacturers work to address their hiring needs and cultivate leadership for their organization's future, what strategies can help ensure that women are represented in the hiring and promotion pools? Rockwell Automation's Linda Freeman, Gorton's Lisa Webb and Purdue Polytechnic's Anne Lucietto, Ph.D., share their perspectives and experiences during Putman Media's Influential Women in Manufacturing webinar on Oct. 24. Register Today for the Webinar

Food Processing, Putman Media Put out a Call for Nominations for Influential Women in Manufacturing
We, along with our sister brands at Putman Media, are launching the Influential Women in Manufacturing Program, which aims to highlight women in manufacturing roles in the U.S.

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Words of Wisdom from Kick-Ass Women in Food

Kick Ass Women in FoodMeet the 15 Women from Kick-Ass Women in Food
We asked professionals in the food and beverage industry to nominate colleagues, mentors and leaders who they believe embody the criteria above and much more. Meet the 15 truly Kick-Ass Women who are shared their wisdom with us.

Food Processing Releases Words of Wisdom from Kick-Ass Women in Food
Whether you are one or want to be one, these inspirational words of wisdom from women in the food and beverage industry will inspire you.

Food Processing Kicks Off Kick-Ass Women in Food
Food Processing celebrates the women in the food and beverage industry with an exciting new project.