IFT Reports Food Science Degrees on the Rise

March 21, 2011
Food Technologist organization reporting the number of students graduating with food science degrees has almost doubled in six years.

The Institute of Food Technologists recently published a report indicating the number of students graduating with Bachelor of Science degree food science program has almost doubled, with 319 students receiving degrees in 2004 to 591 receiving degrees in 2010.

The organization cites increases interest in "all things 'foodie'" and sees a positive job outlook contributing to the growth of the field.

According to IFT, "jobs for food science graduates are plentiful and the starting salaries are excellent—even in a difficult economic climate."

"Having a food science degree will practically guarantee you a job," adds John Floros, PhD, IFT member, professor and head of the Department of Food Science at Penn State University.

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