White Paper: What Are The Costs of Not Training?

Sept. 30, 2022

Training is often seen as a cost that needs to be justified to executives. However, training usually focuses on prevention – avoiding everyday mistakes, harassment, or safety mishaps. How do you measure the ROI on prevention? Not training can leave your company facing even bigger costs when employees make mistakes and don’t perform as expected.

Instead of looking at the return on training dollars, they show you the top 9 areas where lack of training costs big. When you look at the potential costs, the benefits of effective training become much clearer – and it’s easier to put an exact dollar amount on it. In some cases, the cost of not training can reach $150 million.

Download the eBook, What Are the Costs of Not Training?, to get started on measuring the impact of not training on your company and avoiding millions of dollars of fines and lost productivity.

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Aug. 31, 2023