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Preparing for the Storm

Sept. 27, 2022
Into everyone's life a little rain must fall. Fortunately, you can prepare for whatever wrath Mother Nature might throw your way.

I was in the middle of editing a podcast episode when the text alert from my family group chat went off "Aunt Mary told to evacuate; say your prayers."

My aunt is preparing for her first big hurricane in Florida. She's a fairly recent transplant from the Midwest and thus far has really only had to deal with the occasional squall or nasty thunderstorm since her arrival to the Gulf Coast a few years ago.

I'm told by the news service that is my family group chat that Aunt Mary has done everything she can to prepare and is now hunkered down and hanging tough. That sounds about right knowing her, but it also reminds me of a podcast I did last year with insurance recovery attorney Michael Gehrt.

In that episode, we talked about natural disasters and how food and beverage processors can plan and prepare for business interruptions a la Mother Nature. At the time we recorded, Texas had seen its deep freeze a few months prior and fires were sweeping the hills of California. The 2021 Hurricane season had barely started.

A year has gone by since that episode aired, but the Gehrt's insights are still just as relevant this year.

For instance, make sure you really understand what type of property policy your business has -- are you covered for "all risks," or "named peril"? How many ambiguity phrases are there in your insurance policy? In other words, can a cold snap snap your business in half?

We talked a lot about how the weather and other unforeseen events can prompt business interruption and supply chain disruption and how attorneys like Gehrt can make sure you get what's owed to you in the wake of a catastrophic event.

If you've got a few minutes, be sure to head over and listen to the episode or at least read the transcript.

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Erin Hallstrom oversaw our digital content strategy for the Food Processing brand from 2008-2023. She is now the Associate Director of SEO Strategy for Endeavor Business Media, where she holds technical certifications in both website analytics and search engine optimization. Most recently, she was named the 2022 Marianne Dekker Mattera Award Winner