2015 R&D Trends Survey: Doing Without GMOs and PHOs

Our 44th annual R&D Survey indicates a year of regulatory challenges but less emphasis on cost control.

Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief
RD Trends

Sometimes we worry that we write too much about genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs) and regulatory issues, especially for you folks in product development. But the two subjects seem to be coming up a lot lately, with the latter concern focusing on an expected FDA ban on partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs). This year especially, the two issues seem to be staring you in the face and impacting your job, although your responses to our 44th annual R&D Survey reflect the divisions on both of those two issues. Last year was the first time we included GMOs in our list of issues that may impact your company’s R&D strategy. Then it scored poorly, garnering just 5.6…

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