2015 Capital Spending Report

Companies with products in tune with today’s food trends and demands are investing a lot of capital. Our annual analysis predicts an 8 percent increase in capital spending this year.

Kevin T. Higgins, Managing Editor
New Belgium Brewing nav

Horace Greeley’s “Go West, young man” advice wasn’t about direction, it was about opportunity. If Horace was advising today’s food and beverage industry, something more along the lines of “Go gluten-free” would be his suggestion of where to invest capital. Threshold levels of spending are necessary simply to stay in the game, and even the most financially stressed food and beverage companies commit one or two percent of sales to capital expenditures each year. Investments in big-ticket projects, on the other hand, go where the opportunities lie, and today’s opportunities are different than yesterday’s. The changes are reflected in the greenfield plants…

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