Foods for Aging Baby Boomers

Heart health and risks of diabetes, cancer and obesity figure prominently as baby boomers age. Many look to food for solutions.


The baby boomer generation is retiring, developing health ailments and becoming empty nesters, all of which is changing how they (should) eat and drink. While a slower metabolism and lower energy requirements might mean eating less, lower absorption and utilization of nutrients might actually mean nutrient requirements (particularly as a function of body mass) may increase. Baby boomers have been a goldmine for product developers over the past decades, and they could continue to be if processors focus as many marketing efforts on them as they do millennials and others under the age of 35. As a group, the boomer generation is still large and outsized compared with other…

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What are the Top Food & Beverage Companies reading?

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2015 Processor of the Year

Feast your eyes on 21 pages of PepsiCo, from R&D to plant operations and everything in between. Download the 21-page feature on our 2015 Processor of the Year.

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Research Chefs Associates Annual Conference

March 8-11, Denver

Join more than 1,200 of the top food product development professionals in Denver, Colorado, for a conference centered on top-notch food, killer education and the best in Culinology.

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  • The New Wave of Ethnic Foods

    By Lauren R. Hartman, Product Development Editor

    From fresh, bright, healthful fare to the exotic, with Pacific, African and Asian influences, ethnic and international foods seem to be everywhere. Specialty and international food aisles are increasing in supermarkets as consumers, especially millennials, want more interesting fare. Foods of the…

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