March 2005 Ingredient Round-Up - Sweeteners

A new crop of sweeteners offers a wealth of functionality and flexibility in formulation.

High-fiber corn syrup

Gum acacia-based Pretested Ticaloid LC Corn Syrup Replacer has been designed to form a gum syrup that functions similarly to corn syrup. However, it is comprised of 85 percent dietary fiber that can be subtracted from total carbohydrate count, thus reducing overall net carb count. Also, soluble dietary fiber is known to have an important role in a healthful diet. It can be used in a variety of applications, making it one of the more flexible and versatile gum systems used in low-carb and low-sugar formulations. It works well with artificial sweeteners, proteins and nutraceuticals that are common ingredients in nutrition bars and certain low-carb products.

TIC Gums; Belcamp, Md.
800-899-3953; www.ticgums.com

Low glycemic sweeteners

With Litesse, Lactitol and Xylitol, companies can develop delicious, more healthful foods and beverages that are reduced-calorie, sugar-free or reduced-sugar. These are low-glycemic sweeteners that are suitable for calorie-counting consumers and people who want to reduce their sugar intake, such as diabetics. These functional ingredients can lower glycemic load, increase fiber and protect teeth all while improving flavor, texture and mouthfeel.

Danisco Sweeteners; Ardsley, N.Y.
800-255-6837; www.danisco.com/sweeteners

Erythritol for lower carbs

The Eridex brand of erythritol is an all-natural, non-caloric (0.2Kcal/g) bulk sweetener suitable for lower-net carbohydrate products. It minimizes digestive intolerance and aftertaste problems of other polyols and, when used in combination with other intense sweeteners, improves the flavor profile, mouthfeel, body and shelf life. It has GRAS status. Applications include baked goods, desserts, beverages and confections.

Cargill Food & Pharma Specialties; Minneapolis
877-650-7080; www.eridex.com

Reduce sweetening costs

Neotame is a high-intensity sweetener that can be used by itself or with other nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners. It is less expensive than sugar, fructose, corn syrup and other sweeteners, as well as several other high-potency sweeteners, the vendor claims. The product is used for partial 25-33 percent sugar replacement, offers 8,000 times the sweetening intensity of sugar and tastes much like sugar. It fits the current focus on reducing calories, carbohydrates and sugar in consumer diets while reducing sweetening costs 25-33 percent.

Univar USA; Kirkland, Wash.
425-889-3400; www.univarusa.com

Long-lasting energy

Palatinose, a disaccharide derived from sucrose, is noncariogenic and digested slowly, resulting in a low glycemic response and prolonged energy. Also known under the generic name isomaltulose, it has a mild, natural sweet flavor and is fully digested providing the same caloric value as sucrose. Potential applications include wellness and sports beverages, breakfast and meal replacement drinks, instant tea and coffee specialties looking for a wellness positioning, and cereal bars. The manufacturer has filed a novel food application for this product in Germany, and it is considered as self-affirmed GRAS.

Palatinit; Mannheim, Germany
+49-621-421-148; www.palatinit.com

Natural zero-calorie sweetener

Shugr is a truly natural, zero-calorie, diabetic-safe sweetener. It’s made from a proprietary blend of erythritol, which occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, and tagatose, which provides added sweetness and pre-biotic fiber. This formulation results in a taste that is remarkably like cane sugar with none of the aftertaste commonly associated with other zero-calorie sweeteners. It tastes and cooks like sugar, is tooth-friendly and provides fiber that assists in healthy digestion. The product’s formulation is patent-pending, and the ingredients carry a GRAS designation for food safety.

Swiss Research Inc.; Los Angeles
310-478-4064; www.shugr.com

Comes in 30 flavors

FlavorSweet is a combination of xylitol, flavorings and flavor enhancer that comes in a variety of popular flavors including chocolate, vanilla butternut, caramel mocha, cotton candy and butterscotch. It can be used wherever sugar is used to provide a low-calorie, low-carb alternative. It comes in crystals so it measures and pours like sugar but does not contain dextrose, maltose or any other sugars.

Acology Inc.; Cape Coral, Fla.

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