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How Energy Products Reform Caffeine and Sugar

Sugar and caffeine, the staples of energy-boosting products, are often cast as villains. Here’s how some are trying to rehabilitate them.

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As sources of energy for foods and beverages, caffeine and sugar are as established as fossil fuels. But like fossil fuels, these building blocks of energy-boosting foods and beverages are being looked at more critically.High energy is one of the oldest nutraceutical/functional claims for foods and beverages. Red Bull has been giving you wings since 1987. Euromonitor estimates the domestic energy drink market at $11.7 billion last year, up 25 percent since 2012.Some big players are getting involved (or deepening their involvement). Coca-Cola is developing Coca-Cola Energy, an extra-caffeinated version of its flagship beverage (to the consternation of Monster Beverages,…

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