Executive Summary: What OSI Group and Schreiber Foods Learned From Their Cyberattacks

Oct. 4, 2023
In this summary, OSI Group and Schreiber Foods share what they learned from cyberattacks that impacted their businesses. Both companies, along with the cybersecurity experts at Fortinet, provide guidance on what you can do to protect your own plant.

In a 2023 survey, Food Processing readers ranked cybersecurity as a top priority for leaders throughout the food and beverage industry. Recent headlines point to the series of bad actors seeking to disrupt the food industry by way of cyber-attacks.

The future of digital security for industrial controls – particularly for food and beverage manufacturers -- will be governed by readiness. In this executive summary, leaders from Fortinet, OSI Group, and Schreiber Foods discuss the state of cybersecurity across food and beverage segments.

These experts share best practices for building a healthy cybersecurity strategy aligned to business governance requirements.

They also discuss these items:

  •       How to reduce cyber risk when providing access to operational and business systems
  •       Why you want to expose potential threats early in the attack kill chain before damage occurs
  •       The importance of embracing partnerships when taking steps to start or restart a cybersecurity program

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Aug. 31, 2023