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New Equipment Products: March 2024

March 8, 2024
Multi-shaft mixer for viscous formulations from Ross Mixers, seamless infusion vessel from SPX Flow, heavy duty gravity roller conveyors from Ultimation Inc., VFP for harsh conditions from ABB Motion, software for material handling from Rite-Hite Corp., smooth surface gear units from Nord Drivesystems, real-time oil condition monitoring from Tan Delta Systems, painted washdown motor from Nidec Motor Corp.

Smooth surface gear units

Smooth surface gear units (above) are made from a high-strength aluminum alloy housing that provides an easy-to clean surface with an optimized design that reduces the number of trapped particles. Available gear units include a range of Nordbloc.1 helical inline gear units, Nordbloc.1 helical bevel 93.1 series and Universal SMI worm gear units. Additional protection options such as potted terminal boxes, Quadralip seals, condensation drain holes, and moisture resistant varnished dipped windings are also available to keep moisture and unwanted debris from entering the gear unit. Smooth surface IE3 motors with a variety of protective coatings and finishes are also available in a HM series.
Nord Drivesystems; Waunakee, Wis.

Multi-shaft mixer for viscous formulations

Capable of processing viscous solutions, dispersions, suspensions and emulsions with viscosities in the hundreds of thousands of centipoise, these multi-shaft mixers are built for longevity, speed and efficiency. The VMC-100 is designed for vacuum operation up to 29.5”Hg and supplied with interchangeable 100-gal. mix cans, a custom electro-hydraulic system and three independently driven agitators. The high shear mixer is capable of introducing powders sub-surface while the batch is low in viscosity; and the solids liquid injection manifold (SLIM) technology avoids dust, lumps and fish eyes.
Ross Mixers; Hauppauge, N.Y.

Increase run time and yield

The seamless infusion vessel helps UHT (ultra-high temperature) infusion systems have longer running times, less product waste and more yield while increasing efficiency and system performance by linking the vessel bottom and pump housing without a sealing gasket which has better water-cooling on the pump casing and impeller. This results in eliminating product buildup, decreasing waste, longer production runs before cleaning, increased system efficiency and overall sustainability.
SPX Flow; Charlotte, N.C.

Longer gravity rollers

Two new lengths for heavy duty gravity roller conveyors give processors, warehouses and shipping departments new material handling options for wide, heavy loads. The conveyors work by using the force of gravity and a series of rollers to move products along. The HD gravity conveyors are available in new five- and 10-foot lengths, with a width of 48 inches between the frame which can accommodate a standard-sized pallet.
Ultimation Inc.; Roseville, Mich.

VFP for harsh conditions

ACS580-01 UL Type 4X/IP66 drive provides superior performance and reliability in extreme environments. This variable frequency drive (VFD) is fully sealed and weather tight with a UL Type 4X/IP66 rating. It features NSF169 certification for food protection and sanitation and is designed for operation where extreme cold, dust and humidity are common. It prevents the ingress of liquid and dust in food and beverage applications where regular washdown, hose rinsing, splashing and exposure to common sanitizers are routine, including cleaning zones, poultry and livestock, dairy, meat, bakery and aquaculture. It also provides exceptional corrosion resistance.
ABB Motion; New Berlin, Wis.

Software for material handling

Rite-Hite One Digital is a comprehensive software platform that helps unify material handling operations in warehouses, distribution centers and other industrial facilities. In addition to connecting the supplier’s smart-enabled high-speed doors and loading dock equipment (such as levelers, barriers, vehicle restraints and controls), it also collects and analyzes data from that equipment, helping facility managers and teams to see trends and make data-based decisions. In a bigger sense, it empowers customers to optimize facility throughput, prioritize maintenance, mitigate safety incidents, reduce demurrage and act on meaningful data analytics from the supplier’s line of smart, connected equipment.
Rite-Hite Corp.; Milwaukee

Real-time oil condition monitoring

The Sense-2 oil condition monitoring kit provides real-time data about machine oil quality to optimize maintenance and reduce operating costs. The plug-and-play system accurately identifies when oil reaches the end of its life, superseding traditional time-based maintenance schedules, which can result in oil being discarded prematurely with the potential of wasting up to 50% of its useful life. Sense-2 real-time monitoring uses sensor technology and associated analytics to detect any issues before any damage occurs, identifying subtle changes in oil condition early. It can be fitted easily and efficiently to any existing equipment in any application and is configurable to any oil type.
Tan Delta Systems; England
+44 (0) 7930 697773;

Painted washdown motor

The U.S. Motors Painted Washdown Motor is a three-phase, totally enclosed fan cooled unit for use where appropriate in food processing, dairies, canning, meat packing and other applications. It features an inverter grade insulation system and rust inhibitor on rotor. It’s coated with USDA-approved non-toxic white epoxy paint.
Nidec Motor Corp.; St. Louis

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