New Equipment Products: January 2024

Jan. 15, 2024
New equipment from CEJN North America, Loma Systems, Ross Mixers, Volkmann Inc., Dynatrol/Automation Products, Ystral, Key Technology.

Metal & X-ray detectable blow gun

The 208 Detect is a first-of-its-kind metal and X-ray detectable blow gun, crafted from food-grade plastic, adheres to Reg. (EC) No 1935/2004 and FDA CFR 21.170-199 standards. Featuring metal detectable seals and a stainless steel valve, it minimizes the risk of foreign body contamination. It has a low weight, high chemical resistance and non-sensitivity to extreme temperatures. It can be used for a variety of compressed air applications, including where a blow gun is used in close proximity with food during production: blow-off, air cleaning, drying (e.g., blowing food debris off equipment, conveyors, and drying of utensils); meat and dairy processing; food packaging; and vacuum sealing. The 208 Detect complies with HACCP, IFS and BRC procedures, ensuring optimal safety and reducing the threat of costly recalls and product waste.
CEJN North America; Gurnee, Ill.
800-222-2356; www.cejn.com


New 4-in. couplings

New X5 4-in. Pipeline offers 4-in. couplings and higher throughput for inspection of pumped and free-flowing applications, offering excellent detection across a wide range of contaminants. The rectangular X-ray section changes the shape of the contents passing through the system, rather than compressing them, and the feed is on a gradual incline to aid flow and reduce back pressure. This model is designed to reduce waste and increase productivity while also offering easy cleaning and integrated safety sensors.
Loma Systems; Carrol Stream, Ill.
800-872-5662; www.loma.com

Ribbon blender for powders

The Model 42N-18SS ribbon blender handles a wide range of dry materials, from seasonings and beverage mixes to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, and agricultural powders or granules. They also efficiently incorporate minor liquid components to effectively coat individual solid particles. The 42N-18SS is crafted from type 316 stainless steel with interior surfaces polished to a 150-grit finish for easy cleaning. With a maximum working capacity of 18 cu. ft., the pictured blender is direct driven by a 10hp gearmotor for processing materials with a bulk density of up to 60 lbs/cu.ft. The agitator is a solid double ribbon design, ideal for center discharge, with internal flanges welded to shaft stub ends and a heavy-duty anti-friction bearing on the non-driven end.
Ross Mixers; Hauppauge, N.Y.
800-243-ROSS; www.mixers.com


Rotary valves permit continuous conveying

Rotary valves to accompany pneumatic vacuum conveying systems feature a proprietary design that permits conveyors to meter powders, pellets, granules and other bulk materials in a continuous flow. Suitable for feeding mixers, extruders, reactors and a variety of continuous processes, these valves create a leak-proof seal that maintains the proper pressure differential between the vacuum receiver and hose or piping while consistently discharging the material for smooth, efficient, non-stop transfer. They disassemble easily for quick cleaning and accommodate a wide range of requirements.
Volkmann Inc.; Bristol, Pa.
609-265-0101; www.Volkmannusa.com

Level switch for solids and liquids

The Type CL-10DJI Interface Level Switch has the unique ability to detect liquids and bulk solids. It has no moving parts and arrives for simple installation with no field adjustments required. The DJI probe, when the solid material is not covering it, is free to vibrate, producing an output signal. This signal operates a relay indicating the probe is uncovered and a low level exists. When the probe is covered with solid material, a dampening of the oscillations occurs and the relay indicates that a high level exists. It provides reliable operation in problem applications where the level of solid material is difficult to detect within a specified liquid. Applications include: carbon/water interface, catalyst/liquid interface, steeping processes, and other selected applications including interface detection between liquids of significant viscosity differences.
Dynatrol/Automation Products; Houston
800-231-2062; www.dynatrolusa.com


Energy-efficient mixing and dispersion

The Conti-TDS powder wetting and dispersing machine comes in two sizes, TDS 2 and 3. The processes of wetting and dispersing are concentrated in a dispersing zone with an effective volume of only about a quarter of a liter. Compared to a dissolver operated in a vessel, the disperser generates about 30,000 times higher volume-specific power, which is crucial for successful dispersion. Using a rotor-stator system, the disperser also builds up shear forces that are a thousand times higher. The dwell time is extremely short, so that only a fraction of the energy is needed compared to other high-speed dissolvers. 
Ystral; Germany
+49 7634 5603 900; ystral.com/en

Conveyors feed robots

A new line of vibratory conveying systems is specially designed to feed pick-and-place robots on packaging lines. Each series of integrated conveyors meters, separates, singulates and/or aligns product, depending on the application, to provide the optimal product separation, speed and orientation for ideal presentation to the robotic system for pick-up. By minimizing hand packing, these new systems help increase production efficiency, reduce labor and improve sanitation.
Key Technology; Walla Walla, Wash.
509-540-7415; www.key.net

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