New Equipment Products: October 2023

Oct. 2, 2023
Products from Coperion K-Tron, Ross Mixers, BinMaster, Nord Gear Corp., Admix Inc.

Corrosion protection

Chromate-free sealed surface conversion system, nsd tupH, ensures easy yet safe cleaning, durability and wear resistance. This treatment permanently alters the physical properties of aluminum housing to create a surface that is up to seven times harder than the original. A clear sealant is then applied on top of the base layer to form a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain, while providing additional protection against acids and alkalis that will not spread corrosion, even if damaged, providing a more durable corrosion resistance.
Nord Gear Corp.; Waunakee, Wis.

Twin screw extruder for pet foods

ZSK Mv high efficiency extruders, suitable for the processing of pet treats, have been upgraded for easier cleaning, meeting the highest standards of hygiene. The redesigned twin screw extruder features an open base, stainless steel frame with smooth surfaces. Its accessibility reduces the downtime needed for cleaning while the barrel and screw element configuration options add versatility. The complete extrusion system can be provided with integrated controls and equipped with both ingredient and liquid feeders to ensure optimal accuracy and extruder performance.
Coperion K-Tron; Salina, Kan.

Versatile, cost-effective mixer

The floor mounted HSD-15 High Speed Disperser allows users to mix different batch sizes and prevent stratification while keeping the vessel covered, improving safety and cleanliness. Dry ingredients can be easily poured into the vortex for fast wetting while the blade speed may be changed as the batch thickens or increases in volume to maintain the rate of material turnover. Operated from a 7-in. HMI display, PLC controls allow operators to program and run recipes.
Ross Mixers; Hauppauge, N.Y.

Low-shear agitator line

The Rotomaxx III and the Rotomaxx III CX, featuring low shear and high torque applications, are designed for demanding operating environments for hygienic applications. The in‐line helical bevel gearmotors offer high efficiency and quieter operation, while the robust bearing frames are for applications requiring higher bending moment. The modular design allows for multiple shaft diameter, gear ratio, and motor horsepower combinations with flex couplings between the motor/gearbox and gearbox/drive shaft to protect the gear drive from shock loads and dampen vibrations while isolating shaft bending moment and deflection loads from the torque loads on the gearbox.
Admix Inc. Londonderry, N.H.

Shut-off for solids and liquids

The BMRX-100 rotary level indicator is an electromechanical device used in solids and powders to prevent bin overfills, dry runs or to shut off a process. Without a printed circuit board, it is impervious to moisture and vibration found in many tough processing environments. It prevents waste and saves time when handling bulk materials stored in bins and silos and is adaptable to light, medium or heavy materials.
BinMaster; Lincoln, Neb.

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