New Equipment Products: February 2024

Feb. 8, 2024
New equipment from Linde, Anritsu, Ross Mixers, Bosch Rexroth, Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc., SPX Flow, Powder Process Solutions, Flexicon Corp., Acme Engineering, Indco.

Cryogen injecting system

Accu-Chill components create a cryogen injection system that keeps processed proteins at a specific temperature to slow bacterial growth and aid in blending of ingredients. The Accu-Chill CBC continuous blender chilling with cryogen injection is a proprietary, bottom injection system that uses liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide. For mixing and blending this allows the processor to inject just the right amount of cryogen to keep the mixture at a uniform temperature. The addition of the LXC injection valve helps deliver cryogen deep into the product resulting in a larger amount of cryogen transfer to the mixture. This injector action yields up to a 33% improvement in cooling efficiency and a boost to capacity.
Linde; Danbury, Conn.


X-ray survives washdowns

Meet the high demands for food safety, even in the most challenging environments with the IP69K. Built on the XR75 platform, this newly introduced X-ray System offers the same contaminant detection, reliability and low cost of ownership of the supplier’s XR75, plus updated sanitary features and the capability to withstand even the harshest washdown conditions.
Anritsu; Elk Grove Village, Ill.


Dual-shaft mixer

Designed for processing high viscosity dispersions and suspensions, the FDA-1500 dual-shaft mixer is a versatile system for food processing and many other applications. It has a maximum working capacity of 1,500 gallons and features a dish-bottom stainless steel mix vessel with a 50-psig dimpled heating/cooling jacket. The dome-style cover includes multiple charging ports as well as a hinged manway providing access for major ingredient additions and cleaning.
Ross Mixers; Hauppauge, N.Y.


Spiraling upward

Space is often a scarce commodity in food & beverage plants. The VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system is an integrated, compact transport solution for vertical and horizontal product transport. It’s essentially a spiral conveyor, but offers both vertical and horizontal product transport and buffer storage with a high degree of flexibility. This end-to-end system comes with low maintenance and commissioning costs.
Bosch Rexroth; Charlotte, N.C.


Sanitary conveyor discharge adapter

Risks of cross-contamination and bacterial growth are virtually eliminated with the new discharge adapter for flexible screw conveyors. Suitable for food, nutrition, pharmaceutical and other sanitary processes, it features a proprietary design with a tri-clover sanitary fitting that maintains the position and stability of the tube enclosing the rotating screw conveyor while eliminating a traditional lip seal with its potential to capture and accumulate material. Removal for cleaning is quick and easy and may be retrofit onto flexible screw conveyors from any manufacturer.
Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc.; Clifton, NJ


Valves and control for hazardous environments

Designed to meet essential health and safety requirements, a new, broader range of ATEX and IECEx Control Units are certified for both zone 1 and 2 hazardous environments. Imperative to operations in distilleries, breweries, personal care and other systems that create explosive gases, these units prevent ignition risks in hazardous environments while providing impact resistant enclosures for electrical equipment. They are able to withstand high temperatures and pressures while resisting the corrosive and abrasive nature of food and beverage products.
SPX Flow; Charlotte, N.C.


Conveying system reduces abrasion and degradation

Pressure dense phase pneumatic system conveys dairy powders at high capacity over a long distance by using smaller diameter convey lines and a pressure dense phase system. Abrasion and product degradation are reduced, allowing materials to be conveyed to single or multiple destinations. With two units, material can be continuously conveyed. Designs meet strict sanitary standards and are available with a wide range of options.
Powder Process Solutions; Chanhassen, Minn.


Mobile bulk bag discharger and conveyor

The Bulk-Out BFF Series, a new mobile frame-mounted bulk bag discharger with Bev-Con flexible screw conveyor allows rapid, dust-free discharging and conveying of bulk solid materials at multiple plant locations. This equipment allows forklift-loading of bulk bags which can be attached securely at floor level from an ergonomic standing height, and then forklifted into cradle cups atop the discharger upright posts. The flexible screw conveyor with specialized geometry controls material flow while propelling bulk materials. It allows handling of materials that pack, cake, smear, seize or fluidize with no separation of blends.
Flexicon Corp.; Bethlehem, Pa.


Automatic scraper strainers

Removing suspended solids such as fats, grease, grit, contaminants and leftover process materials from liquids is necessary to comply with wastewater regulations. Automatic scraper strainers are designed to tolerate surprises while meeting water treatment requirements. This motorized unit is designed to continually remove both very large and very small, suspended solids from wastewater. Cleaning is accomplished by a spring-loaded blade and brush system, managed by a fully automatic control system. Four scraper brushes rotate at 8 RPM, resulting in a cleaning rate of 32 strokes per minute. The scraper brushes get into wedge-wire slots and dislodge resistant particulates and solids. This approach enables the scraper strainers to resist clogging and fouling when faced with large solids and high solids concentration. It ensures a complete cleaning and is very effective against organic matter biofouling.
Acme Engineering; Mooers, N.Y.; 518-236-5659


Tote lid mixers for light viscosity materials

TL-series direct drive cap-mounted IBC tote mixers are suitable for mixing or suspending solids in intermediate bulk containers. They are configured for vigorous agitation in low viscosities or medium agitation for heavier bodied liquids. Air models are lightweight with a speed control valve while electric models feature handles to easily install the mixer into a tote. These mixers are suitable for a wide range of mixing applications.
Indco; New Albany, Ind.