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Food Biz Kids: Cheez-It Twisterz

Our seventh-grade panelists loved Cheez-It Twisterz.

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

Tommy, 7th grade:
Cheez-It Twisterz Cool Ranch & Cheddar have interesting, bright red packaging. They are very crunchy and taste great – kind of sweet and sour at the same time. It’s a great idea to twist two flavors together, and I’m glad Cheez-It decided to do it.

Katie, 7th grade:
The taste is indescribable, but I will try my hardest. It tastes like cheese with a zing! But after a few, it does not have a [strong] taste. The packaging is creative, but I would have a slogan and some more color. It’s a good product, but does the world ever need more fattening goodness? It would not be the first thing on my grocery list.

William, 7th grade:
These are amazing. The taste is robust, yet quiet. The smooth cheesy texture in your mouth brings you to a great taste. The package is colorful and intriguing. This product is ready for the world.

Maddie, 7th grade:
The packaging is visually eye-appealing. The texture is somewhat smooth, and is twisted into something that looks like a braid. When you pop one in your mouth, it packs a punch of flavor, including a strong taste of cheddar and a whole lot of ranch. It also has a sprinkle of sour cream and onion flavoring. They’re not bad, and I think that little kids will love them.

Taylor, 7th grade:
These Twisterz are awesome! They have a bad aftertaste, though. Have some water afterwards. The packaging sucks; it makes people not buy it. They will never know until they try them.

Shira, 7th grade:
The bright red Cheez-It package says they will be good even if they are a little weird. Cheese and ranch is an odd combination, but works out surprisingly well. Although it feels more like a bread stick than a Cheez-It, once you taste it, you know the difference. I could live without them, but they are good for everyone once in a while.

Nicholas, 7th grade:
The package makes them look really good and appetizing, and this product is good. People need a product like this, like if they are going on a field trip. They smell and taste really good; they are really great.

Devar Drew, 7th grade:
The packaging has good vibrant colors. The name is real decent, and the box has fascinating pictures. Its slogan – Two Flavors! Bold Crunch! – is cool. They’re crunchy, and it’s a great taste in your mouth

De’ Erin 7th grade:
Cool ranch and cheddar tastes good; it’s not too sweet and not too salty. I think it’s a brilliant snack for kids. The packaging is really creative and gets people’s attention. This is a good snack for me.

Jane, 7th grade
These Cheez-It Twisterz are surprisingly good. The cheesy crunchy twist combined with the tangy sour cream and onion flavor is good together. The packaging is cool. The appearance of them is unappetizing though, because they are bright orange. This is an OK snack.

Richard Kyle, 7th grade:
They smell like Italian seasoning and cheese. They look like breadsticks dipped in cheese and Italian seasonings. And they taste like cheese and ranch dressing. It’s a good snack to have, tastes good and is very colorful. Everyone likes these because they are a perfect snack.

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