July 2005 Ingredient Round-Up - Gums and Hydrocolloids

Our round-up focuses on a half-dozen of the hardest-working hydrocolloid ingredients available.

Versatile gum

New food-grade VersaGum xanthan gum provides superior suspension and high viscosity at low usage levels. Its functionality improves product quality in a host of applications. In bakery products, it provides water and air cell control to improve dough texture, filling stability and shelf life. Its suspension and emulsion control enhance pourability and cling in dressing and sauces. In beverages, it produces clean body for a pleasant mouthfeel and improves the texture of dairy products through ice crystal control. It is also a shear-stable ingredient, remaining stable across a range of pH and temperatures to ensure customers product integrity throughout their production, shipping and distribution.

Cargill Inc.; Minneapolis
952-742-6000; www.cargill.com

Now with Rhodia products

Last year’s acquisition of Rhodia greatly expanded this vendor’s specialty and textural products portfolios. Rhodigel xanthan gum products have been re-branded under the Grindsted name, making the vendor the world’s second largest manufacturer of food-grade xanthan gum. Xanthan gum is used mainly as a rheology control agent and is one of the most efficient stabilizers for suspensions or emulsions. Applications include dressings, sauces, dairy desserts, beverages and baked goods.

Danisco; New Century, Kan.
913-764-8100; www.danisco.com

Natural agar

A new line of all natural agar includes different grades from Gracilaria and Gelidium. Agar forms strong gels with high melting points. It is used at low concentrations and it does not require the additions of salts or specific pH. This gelling agent is an excellent choice for baked goods, meat applications and dairy products.

Gum Technology Corp.; Tucson, Ariz.
877-486-8324; www.gumtech.com

Carrageenan improves water retention

Ceamgel 1313 is a specially processed carrageenan suitable for injection or tumbling. It is cold water-soluble, providing 15-50 percent weight gain. It also improves water retention, resulting in improved “juiciness” and reduced frying and cooking loss. Additionally, it ensures good processing economy, lower drip loss and lower syneresis in the packaging during transport, storage and display.

PL Thomas; Morristown, N.J.
973-984-0900; www.plthomas.com

Locust bean gum replacement

Pretested Caragum 200 is a locust bean gum replacement that is effective and affordable. It’s a special blend of locust bean gum and the vendor’s GuarNT Blend. Available in 50-lb. bags, it can be dry blended with other ingredients and dissolved in the water phase while mixing. It can also be incorporated as a slurry into recipes with oil.

TIC Gums; Belcamp, Md.
800-899-3953; www.ticgums.com

Primo tapioca

The new Tapi line of ingredients offers a natural, hypoallergenic, sulfite-free and non-GMO ingredient option for numerous applications such as bakery fillings, beverages, dips, sauces, nutrition bars and flavors. Available in DEs of three, 16 and 35, these products can be used for texture modification, adhesion, freeze-thaw stability improvement, sweetening or spray-drying.

Primera Foods Corp.; Cameron, Wis.
800-365-2409; www.primerafoods.com

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