Food Biz Kids: Quaker Q-Smart Rice Cake Snacks

Some of our kids liked Q-Smart snacks, but a greater number did not. Overall, it was a sad day for rice cakes.

By Diane Toops, News and Trends Editor

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Quaker Q-Smart Snack Crisps
Quaker Oats Co., Chicago

Linnea Lukatch, 7th grade:
Mmmm … Good! I mean great. These are the best, greatest food I've tasted in these food reviews. When you pop it in our mouth, it's cheesy good, even though it gets stuck in your teeth. The cheese isn't too harsh; just some sprinkles do the trick. I could eat the whole bag! (I am!)

Casey Griffin, 7th grade:
This is a sad day for rice cakes. The smell tries to warn you of the artificial bitter flavor, which is no match for the disgusting lasting aftertaste. I think I need to rinse out my mouth. No matter how healthy they are, it would be better to just go hungry.

Sarah Peters, 7th grade:
Q-Smart Snack Crisps are very... interesting. The packaging is very good, easy to open and brightly colored. However, that's where the good news stops. You open the bag and see these round, bumpy discs covered in neon-orange cheese. Then you pop one in your mouth, and you're overwhelmed by the taste of extremely salty, chemically altered cheese. Once the salty taste disappears, the rice crackers taste like cardboard. Not only do they taste atrocious, they aren't really needed. I'll stick to the big, plain rice cakes, thanks.

Nadezh Mulholland, 7th grade:
I think Q-Smart is really good! They have a cheesy, appealing smell and taste great. They don't have very intriguing packaging, but they do have bright coloring. They might appeal to those attempting to lose weight because they are pretty low in fat and carbs. I think these will be a successful snack.

Maddy Smith-Huemer, 7th grade:
Q-Smart in savory cheddar is delicious! They are very original in flavor, and have a sweet, cheery and salty taste. They have a crunchy, enticing texture and an acceptable packaging with nice colors. They are low-carb, so they would be great for people watching their weight. The world can definitely use a snack with an original flavor like this.

Paul Valukas, 7th grade:
These rice crackers taste nasty. I mean rice and cheddar don't mix. Also the packaging needs to be brighter and vibrant or else no one will buy them.

Madeleine Adler, 7th grade:
Though the packaging looks attractive, the snacks themselves are not. They taste like shriveled rice cakes, topped with processed cheese. There's no need for a product like this. They are salty and cheesy, and the aftertaste is disgusting. I really disliked this snack, and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Jason Goodnight, 7th grade:
Man, this is nasty. These snacks taste like oatmeal with cheese all over them. The packaging is good, but the taste doesn't meet up to it. The world definitely doesn't need this product.

Max Mosky, 7th grade:
These cheesy cakes are pretty good. The packaging isn't very appealing. After eating many of them they begin to lose their taste. This product is healthy and an OK snack. Overall, they are alright.

Sindy Arreguin, 7th grade:
Q-Smart looks really nasty, and I think that orange is the worst color for a food product. The bag doesn't look appealing and when you eat one its tastes really nasty. The cheese is too salty. I don't think this product should be on the market.

Ashley Killebrew, 8th grade:
The packaging is kind of catchy, but in a way, it looks like a rice cake with Cheddar outside. They are filled with cheddar, taste good, but have a terrible aftertaste.

Aaron Damashek, 7th grade:
These are terrible! They suck! They are disgusting, and give you a nasty, queasy feeling. And the smell; they make the whole room stink something terrible. And the packaging isn't much to applaud. All these snacks are good for is patching your car muffler.

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